My Facebook “Fast” ;-)

So, on Sunday morning I had a mega melt down at my mums. I had had an early morning (up at 7 – which I know is not that out of the ordinary for lots of people but I was really tired), I’d practised my yoga, taught a lovely class at Hot Yoga House and then was sat on the floor at my mums with all my Face Foda to pack. I suddenly felt completely lost and overwhelmed and had no idea how I would ever complete the mammoth task sat literally in front of me.

And so, I completely, completely broke down. I cried and sobbed about so many things I didn’t even realise had been really truly worrying me, and my mum did what my mum always does best, and hugged me and told me that everything would be ok.

I had made commitments for the afternoon with the lovely Hot Yoga House, but decided that I just needed to go home and relax, and give myself a bit of a break. So once I had dried my eyes I drove home to my husband (who mum had already luckily pre-warned that I was a big mess!) and lay on the sofa for the rest of the day. And as I lay there, trying to switch off and relax, I realised that I kept picking up my phone and looking at Facebook, or Instagram, or random apps, for absolutely no reason! I think I looked at the Bikram Yoga Chiswick online schedule about 5 times! I mean, as much as I love BYC, I firstly know who teaches every single class already, and secondly, there is just no need!! But using my smartphone is a habit that is second nature to me. As Imperfectly Pure is a predominantly online being I am obviously using social media a LOT – because that is just how it is. But I realised that actually my phone was starting to behave like a dementor and suck the life out of me!

Smartphones can behave just like Dementors….
No good at all when I have actual real work in front of my eyes that needs completing! Like, now, 45 orders for Face Foda Christmas Boxes, and some real live clients to support!

Technology, and particularly smartphones, are damaging to us not only physically but mentally. Physically, they can damage our eye sight, our necks , our spines, through constant staring and use; and mentally, we may be missing a crucial light-bulb moment thought, that is just waiting for your mind to wander and stumble across it. You are missing out on some moments of quiet, some peaceful time for your brain to relax and let go. I know all of this, as I’m sure you do, but I can’t let go of my Smartphone completely – that’s not an option for me, I need it! But I needed to do something to pick myself up.

So instead, I chose a “Facebook fast” or “digital detox”, for just two days. I did not check Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, or any apps, or upload anything to my website. I checked WhatsApp as little as I could, and did not look at any emails (other than work ones that were unavoidable). I texted very little. And it had a huge impact on my resolve, my mental wellbeing and my inner peace. My mind felt clear, sharp, strong and focused once again! It also meant that on my day off on Monday I packed 13 Xmas Boxes!! I was so proud of myself seeing what I had achieved in front of my eyes 🙂

If you ever feel like you are getting sucked in by your phone too much, maybe you feel a little anxious and unable to concentrate properly and you are not sure why, I would highly recommend this! You have nothing to lose, Facebook will still be there! But everything to gain.

I hope this may be useful, with love Katie x


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