SYNOPSIS: The Imperfectly Pure Guide to Nourishing Your Body

I spent much of my teens and twenties embroiled in a very negative relationship with food which horribly affected the way I viewed my body, leading to an eating disorder & depression. This was down to a combination of factors that I won’t go into now (as I have written a lot about this before); the point of mentioning this is that I managed to come through this period with the help of Yoga. It opened the door to me loving myself and beginning to treat my body with kindness and compassion. My life began to change, my eyes were open finally to the fact that food was there to nourish me and keep me feeling GOOD  – the way I viewed food completely transformed. This was 10 years ago, and now as a mum of an 18 month old boy with another baby on the way in a two weeks (eeek!) , I strongly believe in and advocate “let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”. I have immersed myself for many years now in the world of holistic health, natural healing, yoga, mindfulness and nutrition. I have learnt SO much; through my PT diploma, yoga teacher training, my studies at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, setting up Imperfectly Pure, Face Föda, Hotpod Yoga Worthing and my own time spent devouring wellbeing literature. This really is my huge huge passion.

Our family now lead a way of life that is as close to nature as possible, whilst always maintaining an 80/20 balanced approach. This means that nothing is off limits where food is concerned (apart from cows milk, Soy & dairy yogurt…..bleurgh…more on that later…), we eat a balanced diet that is rich in whole foods, but always with room for pizza and biscuits! Faddy diets are a no-go for me, I don’t believe in being a slave to restrictive rules and ways of eating. I also rely on natural remedies to keep me and my son healthy and vibrant.

Focusing on optimum nutrition (80% of the time!!) means fuelling and nourishing your body with all of the food groups you need to create a balanced diet. Naturopathy (which I studied at the amazing College of Naturopathic Medicine during my first pregnancy) promotes balancing the macro-nutrients, but even then YOUR specific balance will be very individual to you.

Overall, the naturopathic philosophy looks like the below:

Naturopathic Plate

This way of eating produces low-blood sugar and insulin levels – meaning your energy levels should remain stable, you won’t be a slave to sugar cravings and you shouldn’t store unwanted fat around your middle. It also provides you with the optimum balance of macronutrients, with veggies the foundation (along with some fruits).

Quite simply, I believe that food is there to nourish us (I use this word a lot in this booklet because for me, it is the whole point of food – it is there to be enjoyed and helps us to be strong in body and mind for everything that life throws at us).

In this booklet I will be explaining the nutritional principles that guide my eating habits, and that of my son, and even my husband (to a lesser extent!) through laying out some easy to digest info and guidelines that cover the below, plus much more that is too random to categorise:

  • Dairy
  • Sugar
  • Gut Health (probiotics, Water kefir, brain – gut link)
  • Hydration
  • Fats
  • Wholefoods
  • Bread (mmmmm……bread)
  • Winter Wellbeing
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Food supplements
  • Women’s health/ prenatal/ pregnancy
  • The benefit of rituals
  • Things not covered here that I will be covering in future booklets: Caring for and Healing the Body Naturally; Mother and Baby Wellbeing

The price of this is £10, and you can add on the extra mini booklet below for £5:

“Healthful convenience foods”  this includes recipes for smoothies, simple lunch and simple dinner recipes & snacks”. Plus a 3 day Liver Detox with recipes.

If you would like to find out more or place an order please email me, or you can drop me a text 07852999716

with much love

Katie x

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