Imperfectly Pure Testimonials

I started with Imperfectly Pure because I felt I had gained as much knowledge about nutrition as I could without professional help. So my aim was to learn some more things, improve my acne, cut down my alcohol and maybe lose a few pounds. But what I actually gained over the 4 months working with Katie was all of the above and sooooooo much more.

Firstly, I have more self confidence (so much so that I have finally taken the plunge and invested in a course to start a new career!!). I have been introduced to practices like meditation and yoga that I had never before understood let alone practised! And I have not only enjoyed them but they have changed the way I think!

Oh and I gained a pretty awesome friend too 😘😘😘. Through Katie’s support and advice I really have become a better person for both myself and my family.

Thank you for everything.

Sam Kelsall

It’s no exaggeration to say that working with Katie is bringing about the most positive changes to my life as well as those for whom I care and love.

When I first met Katie I’d already taken some steps towards building a stronger and more resilient mind but wanted to take this further. I’d recently taken up yoga which had opened up some doors to achieving a new sense of calm and balance.  I needed to build on this for myself and my four young children and through following Katie on social media I felt sure she was the person to help me. I’m so grateful I took the plunge and got in touch!

Katie has introduced me to so many new things which I use regularly throughout each day. My bespoke plan has led me to mediate daily, be more mindful, think more positively, look up in moments of stress and take much better care of myself through comprehensive and amazing nutritional advice. Katie’s support and encouragement throughout all of this has been overwhelming; regular texts, pick me ups, telephone conversations. Nothing has been too much trouble. As a result I am much kinder to myself, my mind and my body!

Thanks so much Katie!

Katie, London

The nudge I needed to tackle my dissatisfaction, which was creeping as inexorably as my weight gain was, arrived in the very welcome form of my wonderful colleague Katie and her nutrition course.

In a mere three days my eyes and my tastebuds were opened, and I am genuinely fascinated by how to nourish myself and my family in new ways that make everyone feel good. I realised I hadn’t tried a truly new meal for months, probably for years. I remembered that eggs are brilliant. I found new grains, and grain substitutes, to help me cut down my reliance on wheat (specifically, bread and pasta) while still keeping me nicely full and energised.

Nuts and seeds are a pleasing crisp substitute, particularly macadamia nuts, with their smooth milky round crunchiness. Infusing turmeric root, ginger root and lemon juice in a pint of boiling water brings the day sharply to life and doesn’t taste like ‘a curry drink’ (copyright: my children, daily). I won’t claim to have given up coffee and have no intention of doing so, but I have quit squash and all forms of fizzy cola and their friends. Chromium genuinely quells sugar cravings. And yes, I feel significantly better for it all. And no, no-one’s really noticed that I cook in coconut oil, pour water with dinner and our pasta is made from spelt, not wheat.

What’s best about all this is that the dietary changes I’ve made have all taken place comfortably within the confines of normal everyday life. Katie’s healthy living ethos is that being kind to yourself includes a healthy dose of indulgence alongside healthy nutrition. It acknowledges that we all deserve treats and these can sit comfortably alongside a plan for good living. I can most definitely be doing with that attitude and I would thoroughly recommend anyone interested in this area contacting Katie!

Liz Ross Martyn, London

Face Föda Testimonials

Well thank goodness for Face Föda! I used my Exfoliator for the first time last night ( I had to finish a previous face scrub first) My skin afterwards… What a difference. I had none of that tightness you get from other scrubs. Full of vegan, organic herbs, seeds and oil. With a touch of peppermint water Katie prepared for me too! This weather has not been kind to my skin. And if it it wasn’t ALSO for her Prana Moisturiser, my skin would have been a disaster! She is just about to go off and have a lovely baby, but when she is back order some skin products, and spoil yourself. So lovely.
Lisa, London
I have been moving towards a natural cosmetic and make up bag for sometime. You never really know if natural is actually natural but with Face Föda I know it’s made with plant based ingredients and of course love! I love the smell, look and feel of the cleanser, toner and facial oil. I’ve been using for a month now and at first I couldn’t see an improvement but now my skin feels cleaner and clearer. Get involved with this gorgeous brand!
Payal, London
I just wanted to say how much I love my face products! I can already feel the change in my skin and my boyfriend has even noticed so that’s saying something! I can’t wait until you open your shop again as I will be buying more!
Kate, London
So I always thought Aveda etc was natural. Now I know natural products! They are amazing, my skin has never felt like this & people are actually commenting today on my skin. I also love the packaging.
Lucy, Newcastle
As I have quite dehydrated skin the products have really helped my skin to glow and plump up again. It looks more refreshed and younger! Happy Days!
Sindy, London
Well, what can I say! Your face products are just amazing! You have my whole family loving it and so many people asking what I use on my face – thank you!
Amy, London

Hello Katie, I just wanted to write a quick review of the Face Föda which I got Susan (my wife) for her birthday in late November. First of all the packaging is so natural and feels clean & fresh. Also your personal note was very special, thank you. As for the products, well Susan loves them, simple as that. Can’t wait for 2016 to see what new natural & naughty products you come up with 🙂 If anyone is on the fence about trying Face Föda, then do it!!!! You honestly won’t regret it. 

Alex, Mallorca