Helping You to Realise Your Full Potential

Wellness Consultation

A Wellness Consultation can provide you with a launching point for making a positive change on your journey to the level of health you desire. I believe in a no-nonsense approach, and strongly believe that every person has the power inside to heal themselves. I will help you to begin that process with easy to follow, manageable, sustainable guidance, a plan and positive support.

A Wellness Consultation involves an extensive review of your medical history, lifestyle, diet, stress relief mechanisms, and exercise habits, as well as your wellness goals, expectations, and level of commitment to achieving your goals. This allows us to create short term wellness goals, which are both manageable and achievable for you. This will cover everything from exercise, nutrition, mastering you mind, and more!

Prior to the consultation I will send you an extensive questionnaire covering all of the limbs of wellness for you to fill out and complete.

The Wellness Consultation can be performed either in person, or via the telephone, or Skype. We can then arrange what level of ongoing support will be most beneficial for you – this could be email / telephone support or face-to-face.

Initial Cost £100 (2 hours)

Following the initial consultation, if you would like to purchase a pack of sessions please let me know and we can discuss this – I would be happy to offer a lower rate per session for more than one session.

Nutrition Consultation

I offer one-to-one nutrition consultations to help you not only improve your diet but your whole lifestyle – leaving you feeling healthy, happy and full of energy!

Prior to your consultation I will send you a questionnaire covering a range of topics and ask you to keep a food and exercise diary for at least 3-5 days. Then we will meet (face-to-face or via skype) and talk through your nutrition, goals and any questions you may have. We will discuss ways you can make small sustainable changes to help benefit your health, physical performance, body composition and most importantly – your happiness! After the consultation I will send you a report within 3 working days that summarises everything we discussed and outlines key goals, guidelines and advice based on our session.

These consultations are flexible – we can discuss whatever topics you want to cover, I am here to help you. If you want to focus more a specific topic such as nutrition for weight loss, reducing stress or improving sleep then just let me know and we can target it in our session.

Consultations occur either face-to-face or via skype, or on the phone.

A 60 minute consultation including fully bespoke personalised recommendations and a comprehensive follow up report costs £70.
If you decide to book a follow-up consultation to discuss things further it will be discounted to £50.

Personal Training

I work as Personal Trainer and Spin Instructor at Fitness4Less.  Sessions will cost £60 per hour and typically last one hour. I am also available to come to your home.  These cost £60 an hour but travel costs may apply depending on where you are based. I am currently living in West London and working in SE1.


I am a qualified Bikram Yoga teacher and teach in studios across London including Bikram Yoga Chiswick, Hot Yoga House, Hot Bikram Yoga London Bridge and SOHOT Bikram Yoga.

I am also available to come to you home for 1-2-1, or small group yoga sessions with you and your friends.

1-2-1 sessions will be £70 per 90 minutes, please contact me for group sessions:

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