Breathe in the Energy of Morning

So this morning, as I have been feeling quite often now due to the baby growing inside me SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME, I felt really tired and like I just could not be bothered to even try and be happy. Yep – me! Not my usual bouncy bunny Unicorn self at all! And I am sure I’m not the only one who feels like this, baby or no baby, as the winter draws in it is definitely much harder to feel happy and smiley and like you love the World 🙂

There are a few tricks I have that always work, and they centre on giving myself some ME TIME. I urge you to do something daily, that is just for You. This is what I did today..

I meditate – wherever I can

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

This morning I was lucky in that Ross left a bit early and I was awake (as I am most of the time!) so I listened to a beautiful energising, morning meditation, recommended by my best friend, “Morning Energy Guided Meditation”; it is a beautiful, I recommend trying it if you are looking for one.

I hydrate!

I drink a pint of water, oil pull with coconut oil for 15 minutes and then have warm water with lemon, ginger root and turmeric root. This has been my morning routine for the last 3 years now! I then have a small glass of my days green smoothie! Today’s was a Digestion Enhancing Cabbage and Pear Smoothie! Perfect, actually as we move into the naughty festive season! Over-indulging can lead to constipation and a sluggish digestive system so it is important to keep things moving!! Keep this recipe up your sleeve for when you feel a bit slow and low. It contains some wonder ingredients!

  • Cabbage is one of the most potent digestive aids and great for juicing as its nutrients are highest when raw. It helps rid the colon of waste and prevents constipation and fluid retention. It is also high in the amino acid L-glutamine which can help reduce inflammation in the digestive tract and restore the integrity of the gut lining.
  • Celery is high in potassium which helps to reduce fluid retention, ensuring you can fit in that favourite party dress! It contains good levels of antioxidants such as vitamin C which help protect against damage to our cells in the digestive tract.
  • Pears are a great source of soluble fibre which helps soften your stools, making them easier to pass through the digestive tract, helping to prevent constipation.
  • Watercress, a cruciferous vegetable, is high in sulphur which assists the liver in the detoxification process,
  • whilst spirulina has amazing antimicrobial properties that can destroy bacteria and viruses which can lower our immune system, 70% of which lives in our digestive system.
  • Half a small head of cabbage
  • A small handful of watercress
  • 1 pear
  • 1 stick of celery
  • 1 teaspoon of spirulina or chlorella
  • water

I sent out Loving Kindness…..

On the tube, I thought of all the people I love that are having a hard time at the moment, and I sent them my love and my energy. Imagine what a wonderful world we would live in if everyone did this little thing! Doing things for other people is a sure way to make you feel happy and satisfied. As Bugsy say’s in my favourite song, “You give a little Love and it all comes back to you!”

“We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness.”

Charlie Chaplin

This all made me feel pretty good today, yet still when I got off the tube at St James Park, ready to walk my half an hour to the office I felt a bit sad and down. And just, meh. So, what did I do? I LOOKED UP! The sky was grey, the air was crisp and cold, but I drunk it all in.

As I looked UP I stretched the back of my neck, I stretched the optic nerves in my eyes to LOOK UP, I rolled my shoulders back and I suddenly, very quickly, felt ALIVE. I felt happy! I am not joking – this works! I felt like ANYTHING WAS POSSIBLE in this world. I kept this up for my entire walk – instead of looking at and following my feet, I looked up a little. It was almost like I was preparing to backward bend without the full on posture. So I stretched across my throat, my heart, my chest – all of those parts of the body we instinctively want to protect; all of those parts of our body where we sometimes, without realising it, deeply bury our hopes, our fears, our dreams. I loosened them a little. And it felt so good. I felt energised and revived and like I was part of something bigger.

And – if all else fails I listen to this song, and always SMILE

Find your happy song and keep it in your back pocket.

So, you can see, it takes work to be positive and happy with a strong mind. But it is possible to turn every sad mind into a happy one, with just a few little tricks. Luckily the brain is a very easily influenced organ, so take advantage of that. Keep training it to be happy: look for the good, give out love, breathe, and Look Up, next time you feel down.

Have a lovely weekend and I hope this helps you.

With love Katie x

3 thoughts on “Breathe in the Energy of Morning

  1. Beautiful post, Katie. So many of us have lots of tools up our sleeves and then don’t always use them. That intention to turn things around is everything. So happy that our Morning Energy Guided Meditation was a part of this morning. Thank you for linking to us so we could read about your experience!


  2. Beautiful post, Katie. It made me think of the importance of intention, in this case the intention to turn your perspective around. So many of us have lots of tools like meditation to come to our aid, but we don’t always use them. So glad you did and that our Morning Energy Guided Meditation was a part of your morning. Glad you linked to us so we could read this!


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