High Intensity Interval Training at home with Ryan Gosling

Hello everyone! HAPPY FRIDAY!! I just put this together for a client and thought it would be worth sharing, just because I know that often the hardest thing to get going with exercise at home is thinking of WHAT THE DILLY TO DO! I have taken that part away from you – no need to thank me, just thank Gosling for being a God.

my hero ;-)
my hero 😉

I LOVE HIIT Training, in particualr Tabata intervals which I use loads in my spin classes. You need to really go for it on the “work” phases at maximum effort, (it should be very difficult for you to talk, think 80% maximum heart rate). This method has  numerous benefits from being a great way to burn more fat (Because your bodies repair cycle is kicked into overdrive, meaning you burn more calories and fat in the 24 hours after HIIT than, say, a 20 min steady pace jog); it’s incredibly convenient, efficient and gives you a healthier heart (Most people are not used to pushing into the anaerobic zone, that place that is hard to breathe and feels like your heart is trying to jump out of your chest! HIIT takes us there and helps our bodies to become stronger so we can work harder for longer). Anyway, you MUST get involved. Writing this plan up for my client also meant me re-visiting some of my early Imperfectly Pure You Tube videos and I can now say that I look back and think “why did I not appreciate my flat stomach more?!?!?” – see, you never know what you have got til it’s gone! Welcome Preggo Jelly Belly 🙂

I hope this is useful! Have a lovely weekend

·         16 minute work out

·         4 minute warm up: 20 x tempo squats, 20 lunges to alternate sides, 20 elephant walk outs. Repeat until 4 mins is over

·         Then 3 x tabata intervals (this equals 12 minutes)

o    20 second squat jumps/ 10 second rest

o    20 second plank twists/ 10 second rest

o    20 seconds burpees/ 10 second rest

o    20 seconds leg raises/ 10 second rest

o    REPEAT until 12 minutes are up!

o    If you are feeling strong you can perform an active rest of either a plank or wall sit on the 10 second rest periods


·         11 minute work out

·         3 minute warm up: 1 min tempo squats, 1 min high knees, 1 min plyo-lunges

·         Tabata intervals

o    20 seconds ski jumps/ 10 second rest

o    20 seconds elephant walk outs/ 10 second rest

o    20 seconds ski jumps/ 10 second rest

o    20 seconds squats on tip toes with arms extended straight in front of you/ 10 second rest

o    20 second ski jumps/ 10 second rest

o    20 second v-sit up with leg and arm extensions/ 10 second rest

o    20 second ski jumps / 10 second rest

o    20 second wide lunges/ 10 second rest

o    REPEAT ONCE – demos of exercise in the link below

o    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTJIYqw4RUs


·         10 minute ab blast

·         30 second work 10 second rest of the following exercises:

·         mountain climbers

·         crunch twist to split

·         plank twist

·         plank pike

·         crunch with 1 leg lower

Repeat once

·         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dpm9PsJKUKc


·         12  minute work out

·         30 seconds work and 10 seconds rest for 12 minutes of the following exercises

o    Burpees

o    Crunch pulse

o    Squat jumps


·         300 Challenge!

o    100 burpees

o    100 crunches

o    100 squats

o    Complete as quick as possible, in whatever way you can (ie you don’t have to do 100 burpees in one go etc!)


·         30 Minute HIIT

·         3 rounds of 10 minutes each Here is a 30 minute HIIT workout description. Each round is 10 minutes and consists of 4 exercises- you repeat each exercise 10 times, and go continuously for 10 mins. Then move into next 10 min round, with option to either rest for 2 mins in between , or do 2 mins of cardio (star jumps, high knees)

·         ROUND1: jump squats, toe taps, squat push ups, leg lowers

·         ROUND2: wide leg lunges, plank twist, lay down burpees, crunches with legs up

·         ROUND3: tricep dips, plyo-lunges, elevated knee to elbows, burpees

·         Demos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qll76KyMFYU

Namaste x

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