15 Minute Leg and Ab Strength Workout

15 minute Leg and Ab Strength Workout

I wanted to show in this workout that is possible to train for Strength using Body Weight Exercises only, through focusing on Time Under Tension. It was first popularised by the amazing Charles Poliquin..

In body weight exercises, it can create a new awareness for how your body moves, and which muscles you are switching on – I found it really useful when focusing on really firing up BOTH glutes equally today (I have a weak left glute!), so for me, trying to balance out weaknesses it was great. I also experienced some severe burn when combining the slow tempo with explosive plyo-lunges/squats! The science behind it is that once a muscle contracts beyond 50%, blood flow is occluded, meaning that waste products build up within the muscle. Higher levels of lactate form, which in turn pushes growth hormone production up. Taking out the momentum and bouncing from the movement is a great way to develop control and strength too. Give it a try and see what you think!

  1. Plyo-lunges to jump squat
  2. Elevated lunges (descend for 3 seconds, slowly up for 5 seconds)
  3. Plank Pike Jump
  4. Bicycle legs
  5. Quadruped leg lift
  6. Slow tempo squats (descent for 3 seconds, up for 5)
  7. Side plank dip
  8. Crunch to split legs

Perform each exercise 10 times (on each side) and continue until 15 minutes is up!

Exercise Demo Video!

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