“I carried a Watermelon?!”

“I carried a Watermelon?”

“Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”

Some of the most iconic film quotes EVER! And probably goes some way to explain my love for the Watermelon, Today’s Star Ingredient, of Day 23!……

What Are The Benefits of this massive red melon?

Heart health: Watermelon’s high levels of lycopene are very effective at protecting cells from damage and may help lower risk of heart disease (Purdue University). Also, the fruit’s concentrations of citrulline and arginine are good for your heart. Arginine can help improve blood flow and may help reduce the accumulation of excess fat.

Anti-inflammatory:  Lycopene helps reduce inflammation and also acts to protect the body from free radicals, and get rid of them quickly. Also, the watermelon contains choline, which helps keep chronic inflammation down (according to a 2006 article published in Shock medical journal). Reducing inflammation isn’t just good for people suffering from arthritis, it’s also good for people with systemic inflammation, caused by things like stress, smoking, pollution etc. – all of these things can cause your body to become inflamed. Choline helps with this, and eating anti-inflammatory foods help with overall immunity and general health.

Hydration: Watermelons are the perfect example of a food that can help you stay hydrated and their juice is full of good electrolytes. This can even help prevent heat stroke.watermelon1Digestion: The Fibre encourages a healthy digestive tract and helps keep you regular.

Skin and hair benefits: Vitamin A is amazing for your skin, and just a cup of watermelon contains nearly one-quarter of your daily recommended intake of it! Vitamin A helps keep skin and hair moisturised, and encourages growth of new cells.

(this is my fave benefit!) Muscle soreness: Watermelon-loving athletes are in luck, drinking watermelon juice BEFORE an intense workout helps reduce next-day muscle soreness and heart rate, according to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. I knew there was a reason I loved a glass of watermelon pre workout! It also helps recovery and is AMAZING to drink after a 90 minute Bikram Yoga Class!!

And here is the recipe!

  • Take a few big slices of Watermelon
  • 2 sticks of celery
  • a few chunks of pineapple
  • add water
  • and BLEND
  • Why add pineapple? well, unlike many other fruits and veggies, pineapple contains significant amounts of bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down protein, helping digestion!
Watermelon Smoothie

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