30 Minute HIIT (Abs, Bum, Legs, Arms) Yep!

Hey Guys!! How are you? So I have been feeling a bit stressed the last few days and like I have a lot on my shoulders, cos I want Imperfectly Pure to be PERFECT – but have realised that the beauty of it is that it is really IMPERFECT, and I am realising that that is ok. As long as my intention is good, to do the best job I can, then I think that is ok. 🙂

Today’s quote on my calendar kind of sums it up:

“When Love is strong, people don’t need to impress,

for love in itself leaves an impression”

For today, I have spent a lot of time preparing a 30 Minute HIIT Workout (that I have just done in the gym and OMG I died!!)

sweaty much?!?

I am going to be attempting it daily for the next week if I can, starting today! I hope you will join me if you can. If 30 minutes is too much for you, please free to split it up as you like, luckily it comprises of 3 x 10 minute sections (with an added 6 mins of cardio if you like!)

Please have a look of the explanatory video (LOVE my Unicorn socks from my mum!!) below and then read on for the low-down in full:

WARM UP: 2 mins

  • 30 x star jumps
  • 30 x high knees
  • 30 knee to bum
  • repeat until 2 mins is up


  • Sumo Jump Squats x 10
  • Toe tap sit ups x 10
  • Squat to push up x 10
  • Leg lowers x 10
  • and repeat until 10 mins is up!

OPTIONAL – 2 mins cardio (same as above), or rest


  • Wide leg lunges x 10 per side (20 in total)
  • Plank twist x 10
  • Lay down burpee x 10
  • crunches with legs at 90 degrees from floor x 10
  • and repeat until 10 mins is up!

OPTIONAL – 2 mins cardio (same as above), or rest


  • Tricep dips (from your stairs or a chair) x 10
  • Alternate leg jump lunges x 10
  • Elevated knee to elbow (off your stairs or a low chair/ sofa) x 10
  • BURPEES x 10

NOTE: Be sure to keep your abs engaged as much as you can for the duration to protect your lower back.

Shake it out and walk around for 2 mins to slow the heart rate down, then take some nice stretches, and lay down for a 3 min Savasana to RELAX!

Please feel free to modify as you need to for your ability level. GOOD LUCK!!

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