Apples , and Pink Ladies (anyone?!?) “the pink ladies pledge is to act cool, to look cool and to be Cool! Til death to us part, THINK PINK!”

So today’s spotlight ingredient is the humble Apple. But actually these lovely little juicy devils have an array of health benefits, in fact they really should have a song, or poem dedicated to them, I thought!! Lo and behold there are so many on the internet!! SO WEIRD!! Anyway…there are loads of benefits to Apples! Here are just some:

  • Apples fight heavy metals, helping to keep your brain clear and promoting your health
  • Good source of fibre and vitamin C
  • Protect against heart disease and inflammation
  • Apple Cider vinegar in particular has MASSES of health benefits – keep a bottle at home, the organic kind, and try taking a tablespoon every morning. See what a difference you get to your digestive system..I will talk more about this wonder ingredient another time!!

Today I have just got back from teaching and practicing at the lovely Hot Yoga House, and am off to teach at my love Bikram Yoga Chiswick in an hour or too, so the apple recipe is quick, but good! A great snack, combining the high fibre Apple with some protein from my mixed Seed Butter. But any nut butter will do! Simply wash and chop your apple of choice (mine is an organic Pink Lady….ahhh Pink Ladies!!),


Spread with nut butter and jobs a goodun! This seriously is a fantastic and healthy snack 🙂

I also like to sometimes chop and cook and apple in a saucepan with a tsp of coconut oil and a chopped date or two, for 10 minutes until soft and then eat like a pie-less apple pie! SO YUMMY!!

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