Welcome to Wellness ~ week one

hi guyssss! So here it is, the details of Week 1~ Welcome to Wellness. In case you are new here, I think it’s worth me explaining the philosophy behind Imperfectly Pure. It actually has been born out of, firstly, my passion and desire to live a well life and give friends and family bits of advice here and there, and secondly, cos a lot of these friends and family said “this is what you should be doing!!” ~ so I have been planning Imperfectly Pure for a long time in my head, the last few months on paper, and now here we are. I have launched! And true to name, Imperfectly Pure is just that: IMPERFECT (but I think that it is now or never~ I want to help people feel better and it’s never a bad time to start trying to do that right?) and PURE~ cos it’s ME! Katie does mean Pure, and it’s Pure in its mission to help and inspire and just make you feel that you are not alone in trying to make yourself more well 💛💛💛 (Jaffa cakes and lettuce anyone?!)


sometimes, its good to give your lettuce some love
Balance will be achieved keeping that little devil on your shoulder happy so he doesn’t grow louder!! 😇😡 By focusing on the 6 limbs of Wellness I hope to show that small things can have a big impact on your life and the way you feel. 

You don’t need to be fit, healthy or well to join Imperfectly Pure, you DO need to want to try new things that will make positive changes to your wellbeing.

So week 1! First, Nutrition: The wonder ingredients this week are Olives, Cherrys, Kale, Blueberries, Brocolli, Blackcurrents & Artichokes. Each day I will post an easy to make, vegetarian meal with a spotlight on the above Wholefoods.

Second, Exercise: For 5 days I will post an at home HIIT or Tabata session of 15 minutes which will be sure you leave you sweaty & invigorated! And explain the benefits! 💪🏼body weight exercises will be the focus and you will need a time app- I use BitTimer.

Third, Natural Remedies and your Mind: on Saturday we will be doing an at home cleanse for the colon and intestines (for this you will need some fine Pink Himalayan salt available at Holland & Barrett and health food shops) and Sunday I will explain all about my favourite way to relax my body and mind (for this you need some Epsom salts- £1.50 from Boots for 1 tub) and an essential oil, I will explain all about the different ones I use and the numerous benefits of each. I will post full directions for the cleanse later this week!

Finally, Positive Psychology: this is something I massively believe in, I will be posting about this every day 😊

Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of and make choices toward a more successful existences

Through incorporating this way of living into my world I am beginning to realise my full potential because I am training my mind to become stronger and I am fuelling my body in the right way; I am addressing my whole being;, and I am helping myself to build on the positive sides of my personality. This is what a wellness program should do. Think of something now that you want to address and we can work on it together the next 4 weeks: for me it will be A CALMER MIND~ setting up Imperfectly Pure has been exciting but means my brain is so active! I will be sharing tips on how I’m going to achieve that. 

So that’s it for Week1! This will mean 30 minutes per day, see what a difference it can make. Watch out tomorrow for first recipe and workout- as my social media skills grow I will try to Vlog some of this to save you time . Please get in touch with any questions!

Lots of love, now go forth a be WELL 😉

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