Imperfectly Pure

So, the time is almost here for me to unleash myself onto the world 😉 through my brand new service, Imperfectly Pure.
I have founded this service to do what I love the most: try and help you in the small way I can to lead a healthier, more balanced life. The philosophy is:

80% Natural + 20% Naughty = 100% Balanced Wellness

This is about keeping that little devil on your shoulder happy so he doesn’t grow louder!! Imperfectly Pure is here to help you lead a healthier life, without suggesting you need to be a slave to diets and extremes. By focusing on the 6 limbs of Wellness I hope to show that small things can have a big impact on your life and the way you feel. You don’t need to be fit, healthy or well to join Imperfectly Pure, you DO need to want to try new things that will make positive changes to your wellbeing.

cropped-sunshine1.jpgSo, why am I doing this I hear you cry?! Well, Health, wellness, and happiness are so important for me, and really intertwined. It’s not easy to constantly and consistantly lead a healthy life, life is so hectic for so many of us (including me). My days are jam-packed! My 9-5 in Advertising and Marketing is the filling and then either side and in between I fit in my passions! My daily yoga practice, maybe a walk outside for Vitamin D, a short trip to the gym for some HIIT, and teach a Bikram Yoga or Spinning class, and seek out and soak up as much natural wellness knowledge I can! I have taken a varied approach to health and fitness over the years, initially focusing 100% on fitness, and a CRAZY cardio gym routine, with very little regard for what I was putting into my body. I did not treat my body with kindness or compassion at all during my teenage and early twenties – my primary thought was “as long as I look thin and weigh less than XX then I can be happy”. I was uneducated in the field of health, and growing up in the 90’s when “heroin chic” was so in, I wanted to emulate these models. I also have a very obsessive personality and so became OBSESSED with the gym – I used to spend hours there every day! Usually on the cross-trainer! And so began a very unhappy relationship with food and myself.

Sadly, I know this story is far from being uncommon. I know too many young women just like me, who struggled and continue to struggle with their body image, suffering from discordered eating  and putting huge and unrealistic expectations on themselves. I managed to hide a lot of this for a long time from family and friends and gradually, over time, the nagging thought in the back of my mind that something was not quite right grew louder. So I began to educate myself and try taking charge of my health. I started talking to a friend who I worked with on my placement year at university (at David Lloyd Gym), a qualified Nutritionist; I confessed to her my problem with food. I KNEW that what I was doing was wrong; I knew I was hurting myself yet I did not feel I could stop. At this time I also had a very controlling boyfriend, himself a Personal Trainer, who consistently made me feel like I wasn’t good enough for him, and I believed that it must have been my fault! If only I could go back in time and talk to young, shy, sensitive me!! Looking back (which I have done a lot recently) I can see that these things were a huge amount for a young girl to cope with. Especially one as sensitive as I was, and am.

There wasn’t one day that came when I stopped doing what I was doing, but there was a change to my life that helped to bring about the end of this behaviour. This change was finding my husband. I have no doubt that the love he gave, and continues to give to me, made me feel stronger, and want to love myself. I also found Yoga – Bikram Yoga, at Bikram Yoga Chiswick. The practice of yoga has a huge amount to do with love, kindness and compassion. I began to love myself in that hot, sweaty room! And I began to want to nourish and heal my body, from the inside out, bone to the skin, fingertips  to the toes 🙂 And so began, in 2007, my real journey towards a life of wellness. Since then I have continued my day job, but outside of that 110% immersed myself in the areas of wellness, as this is where my heart lies, I have completed my Levels 2 & 3 Personal Training Diploma, and become a qualified Bikram Yoga Teacher, all in my “spare” time, and I am embarking on 2 courses at the College of Naturopathic Medicine; Natural Skincare and Nutrition – MASSIVE YAY!!!! Aside from that I am constantly educating myself in the fields of health, fitness, nutrition, meditation, herbal remedies, natural skin remedies, colon health (!!), cleanses, positive psychology, and more! There really is nothing too odd for me to want to try (as my friends and family know too well!): I truly believe that this path I am on is the right one for me: it means a being kind to and nurturing my mind, body and spirit, and also hugging all forms of Gosling whenever I can, even cardboard ones…


My aim now is to bring about Balance to my life, in the hope that I can help you do the same. I feel there is a need for this now among lots of women who, like me, lead very busy lives but want some guidance. This is why I have founded Imperfectly Pure, with the guiding principle of helping busy women lead a healthier life, closer to nature, without suggesting they need to be a slave to diets and extremes. A focus on mind, body and spirit through health, nutrition, exercise, natural remedies, cleanses, recipes, positivity – in an accessible way. To coincide with the launch of Imperfectly Pure I am throwing at you “Welcome to Wellness” , a 4 week program that will introduce you to the life that I lead and introduce you to new things that will make positive changes to your wellbeing (all things I do myself, and basically experimented on moi!) through daily online posts covering the below:

  1. an easy to make recipe every day with the spotlight on a wonder ingredient (think delicious natural whole foods)
  2. an at home exercise routine – short, sharp and effective
  3. a positive thought for your day 🙂
  4. natural skincare ideas
  5. an introduction to meditation
  6. a gentle but effective cleanse
  7. and more! (like, maybe some photos of Kenny and Gloria, and me showing you how to get sweaty!!)

This is about figuring out the right system for you really . so, which naughty foods can you simply not live without??For me its biscuits, bagels, marmite toast!! Prosecco!! So I keep these for my 20% quota. Hands up if you’ve ever had a really over-indulgent week? No exercise, little rest, not much water, lots of heavy foods and wine?? Hands up if you’ve ever gone to the other extreme, and cut out almost everything? Both ways are unsustainable. Life should be about feeling good and nourishing your body and mind. This is why 80/20 works for me. Monday to Friday I eat well, natural foods, water, etc, and then. Friday night to Sunday I indulge – this keeps things varied and means I don’t get bored or feel deprived.

Hands up if you LOVE Prosexy??!

If you are interested in this then please like the Imperfectly Pure Facebook page, or Instagram and sign up to this blog. I will be posting full details of “Welcome to Wellness” any second or day now and will be posting a new blog each week. I know there are so many of you out there that want to make small changes to your lives that will have an impact on your health and wellness, I would love to help you do just that, and continue on this journey with you.

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