“Gimme the good one!”

As I write this I am sitting in my front room, on my comfy sofa, with Ross on the other sofa and Kenny and Gloria asleep in the garden. Yesterday mum, Sarah and Chris came round for a BBQ, Tuesday I taught my first class (I ended up teaching two that day!!! I was scheduled to teach the 12 and then Amy rang and asked me to teach the 8.15pm too so I did!! Weeeeee!!!)….. OH MY GOD there really is no place like home. But hang on a minute…. How did I get here???? Currently it feels like the last 9 weeks were all a crazy dream. I know they happened but it feels like they happened to someone else. So, Manali said to us “don’t count the ninth week!!”. Ok then.

So week 9!!! In a nutshell, the craziest, busiest, hardest week of all. To sum it up for you:

Dialogue: yeah so I did hardly no dialogue as there was literally NO TIME!!!!!!

Eating/drinking: this happened at speed as if life depended on it (errr hmmmm it kind of Does, although obviously as Bikram said “the best food is no food!”) as we had zero time between class and lectures

Lectures: Rajashree on spirituality, yoga and science. I love Rajashree I think she is amazing , so much kindness and love she showed us. Some of the things she said:
– if I reach just one or two students during class that will be enough . I can’t complain because that is the reality. If I touch just a handful of lives that will be the start of my yoga journey
– yoga develops mindfulness – awareness so we can observe ourselves, our qualities and strengths
– a teachers mantra: 1) observe yourself 2) make sure your actions contribute to your creative nature 3) your actions should uplift others 😊
– the first seven days in the hot room are the biggest journey for a new student- enabling them to breath. Connect with their body and mind

We also had a lecture for gynaecologist Dr Choudhury . Someone asked him “I heard camel pose can stimulate a female, is that true?”🙈

Bikram lectured us too. Haha actually looking at my notebook I’m laughing as I have written a note to Kami who was trying to talk to me, bikram was not in a good mood. I e written “I’m directly in his eye line, please don’t talk to me, every so often he is looking right at me”. I really did not want any reason for him to have to talk to me!!!! So also bikram decided week 9 was the “no bathroom” week and if we needed to pee we could do it on our chairs, which by the look of the chairs of doom some people actually had!!
He spoke about lying which I listened intently too as I have a bad habit of telling a white lie every so often. He said that lying or even planning to lie hurts your spirit and others

Bikram wore my second and third favourite outfits in week 9- one made of silver foil and one of gold foil

Week nine was so up and down emotionally for all of us. My knees and hips were in agony…. I wrote a note to Kami “when I came into lecture tonight I felt amazing and now he is making me feel like shit. I think I hate him”
“This is an extreme low for me. If I never see him again I will be happy”

But then a day later I was up on stage in the lecture room -!!! Bikram made me touch my forehead to the floor in standing see leg stretching!!!!!!!!!!! The entire lecture room cheered for me and I felt so sooooo happy!! When I turned to look At Bikram I saw the part of him in his eyes that I wanted to see- the kindness that is there somewhere and that he knew I could do it all along. He high fived me and I felt incredible achievement 🙏

# yougotit

And I could go on and on……

Final day!!!!!! Friday!!!!!! Here are my notes from Bikrams lecture-
why does good news make you happy and bad news collapse you?
“She’s not busted yet” so baby is born through the ear
I always get confused because when he talks about a woman he says “he”
There are 22 gods in our ears and they have a conference in the brain
I have never met anyone that can go off as many tangents as bikram
I have a nectarine you want it? No thanks skelly. Your snacks have been amazing thank you!!!!
News hits nervous system- if news is bad the body produces lots of acid that attack nervous system- temporary collapse. If it’s good news the body balances everything so you feel good!!
A duck was flying and shat on a yogis head so the yogi burned the little duck with his third eye.
Whole life depends on the spine . Yogi body biochemistry is so calm and cool because they have withdrawn senses and don’t attach with emotions.
You have to control your emotion=THE POINT!

fiNal class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This was it. Last class before graduation. All of us dressed in black for one last time. Everyone together and we so did give the good one!!!!!!! The atmosphere was electric! I was exhausted but pushed and pushed and pushed… All of us front row under the podium. We shared a coke after eagle with bikram and whe the end came. Oh my god. I will never forget it. This was the high I have never let before. I had done it. I HAD DONE IT!!!!!!!! Everyone was crying, hugging. I never thought id get there but I did.

Graduation was the next day and the it was home to London. And I have never ever been so happy to be home. Ever. Mum picked me up and took me home to Ross. Seeing him was the best feeling ever ever ever. I am so soooooo happy to be home. Two classes under by belt, class number one with Andy, rach, Kat, fed, my sis and Ross and number two Briar and Darielle. And that’s it!!! Back to reality and I could t be happier. This is the beginning of a new yoga journey for me, as Helen said to me on the phone before I taught my second class tues “knowing you as I do Katie you will get a lot out of this becaus you are helping people and making them feel good” and that for me is really all it’s about. My loved ones happiness, everyone’s happiness. What could be more important than that?

Bikram Yoga TT Spring 2014- gimme the good one?? You really did. I will never forget you guys 💜💜💜💜💜









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