“You have no idea…. You can’t even think of it!”

So here we go…. I’m just getting ready for week7! And here are weeks 5&6 in a nutshell:
– we have all started talking in “bikram” sometimes by accident sometimes on purpose…”come to my room at 5pm, not before, not after” “I am so tired. 100% inside out from bones to the skin”
– funny things people have said in posture clinic – Petra at the end of cobra pose “put your left ear on the flower”…eh?!? Brenda at the start of fixed firm “come to the top of your hat”…. Both these nearly made us cry laugh- I love silly things
– we had a pool party week 5 Saturday night which got shut down after 1.5 hours but which was sooooo needed- lots of sober yogis dancing like lunatics to Anane vega top dj!
– we had our final anatomy test which was hilarious, everyone copied each other and Manali stood on stage with the mike shouting out people’s names at random along with “Sartorious!” And other muscle and bones! We all passed 😊
-week 5 we were taught by loads of travelling teachers- some of them I loved and some of them made me want to climb onto the podium and punch them. My fave day was Tuesday when both nicks on staff taught us – they were both amazing
-Emmy cleaves arrived and lectures is on pain, she is incredible
-bikram returned Friday night class week 5, which rather horrifically coincided with us being in the front row. It was soooo so hard, at one point Kami tried to walk through the mirror she w as so delirious . Bikram told us we are the “worst teacher training ever” and shouted at us from the podium for 2 hours. We found out after there was as a first time student at the back!!!!
– the dialogue is coming along great- I have run through it from Start to finish a few times and remember everything!!!!! Next week we will be finished. So I’m now learning head to knee with stretching 🙏
-bikram picked on me in weds class- I couldn’t touch my forehead to the floor so he made me do another set on my own and it was terrible- I pulled and stretched as far as I could, my bum in the air to all 275 trainees and staff, crying and dying. I didn’t touch but I will💪
– tears happened a lot week 6. I cried during one posture clinic because my friend Lindsey nailed her dialogue and I was as so happy for her, then I cried because my friends kami and Paige were teary and I think Manali made me so nervous after I delivered fixed firm, she gave me a big hug and kiss
– the tiredness and exhaustion is really hitting us all- my hips in particular actually belong to a 90 year old woman
– funny things bikram said “I think I’m tired for the first time” and he did look very tired last week having returned from a 2 week trip around the world by the sounds of it. He also was as pleased with is for once saying “everyone’s chicken ass, fat ass, medium sized ass came down pretty good today in triangle”
– a crazy Mexican taught the longest class in the history of the world , I wanted to kill him
– we had the coolest American lady ever in posture clinic, she made us all feel so good and she called me Heidi klum!
– we had to watch more of the Mahabharata 😁😳😴
– oh and bikram taught an almost 3 hour class on Friday when 150 teachers were back to re certify. It was a class of doom😳 we were right at te back and I think it was by far my hardest class . I tried to leave once and Israel gave me a stern talking to, I then sat on my mat for a bit sobbing before thinking to myself “I am so hot I cannot stay here for one more second” and I left. I returned after 5 mins. It was so hot that the soles of my feet we’re burning during pranayama breathing and we were all dripping with sweat just sitting on our mats waiting for bikram to arrive. He finally arrived to start the class half a hour late- we were in the room for nearly 3 hours😳
All in all 2 nuts weeks and there are still 3 more to go. I am now missing home like crazy whilst at the same time dreading the day I have to say goodbye to my TT friends and this amazing experience 🙏

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