Woohoo- week 4 done! That’s 44 classes in the hot room and god knows how many gallons of sweat. 💦💧💦💧
This week has been amazing- every moment more I spend here, learning, practicing the yoga and revising and practicing my dialogue the more I know that I am on the right path☺️
We had Anatomy lectures every day with Dr Preddy and posture clinics every evening- here are some highlights/things I learnt:

So everyone knows I am obsessed with leading a clean and healthy life and I learnt from Dr P why exactly fish oils are so good for us. It’s because of the type of fat fish have in their cell walls. Because the ocean gets below freezing fish fat is bendy and unsaturated and hard to stack with other fats (fish are v difficult to freeze for this reason). So the more fish oil you have in your diet the less plaques you can make- basically it’s harder for your body to stack fat🐠🐟

We also learnt about Breathing. pranayama breathing , which we so for 20 breaths at the start of class, increases the strength of the muscles that move the chest and increases the elasticity of the lungs/chest, in order to allow the lungs to expand more. It’s basically resistance training – isolates the chest muscles and makes us squeeze our diaphragm to loosen everything up.

Wees! Yes wees are very important to me. I wee a LOT! And dr p explained that the bladder, if it’s really distended and full, can only contract a certain amount when you wee, which explains why sometimes when I go for a wee I need to go again immediately after 2 or 3 times! Oh yes. Wees actually are very important for al of us here. I would estimate that before each class the ladies are flushed approx 500 times- some people go once, some people like me average 5, (what if I need to go in class!😳). And you never know WHEN Manali (who in charge here at TT) could appear and start clapping and shouting the last calls of “hurry up!!!!!” Ushering us all into the hot room

Ahh Manali! Friday night we had Manali and Takako at Posture clinic and I was desperate to see if I could deliver a posture to Manali. I did separate leg stretching and she smiled at me at the end, told me I only missed two words. And said that I did a fantastic job and to just be more confident 👍I was over the moon.

Yoga Friends! Yes I’m really making some amazing friend here…. Everyone really looks out for each other. Friday night I had a terrible class- one like I haven’t had since week 2. I was dripping with sweat from the first second of breathing and by tree pose I could barely stand- I had NoThing left. The floor series for me was horrific- I was so bad. I felt nauseous I couldn’t get comfortable and kept being overcome by sobs! but I kept saying to myself “just try one set…. Please don’t leave the room” I got all the way to camel and then I left. I was so sooo hot and I felt horrendous. I was so upset. But then lovely Jessica💜in my group came out and said “Katie you killed it, you stayed so long” and she had brought out my sweaty mat and bottle. Then Paige💜 came over and sat with me to make sure I was ok. I then went upstairs and slept for an hour and then when I went next door to see Darren💜kami 💜and Laurie 💜I cried and they all hugged me and gave me electrolytes…. And I thought “I really love you guys”- there are some amazing people here and we all are supporting each other , making each other stronger every day. So I dedicate this week to all of my new friends here who are making this experience extra special for me. You all rock 😍

Oh and….next week, boss is back. Stephanie and Takako said to me last week to “stock up on calories because Bikrams coming back next week and it’s going to get really hot, really tough and you guys need to be able to cope”
Mixture of pure fear and excitement. Bring on week 5!


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