“I can see that the yoga is inside you, you’re just expressing it now”

Hiiiii guyyssss!!!! I’m back!!! Yes literally back writing my blog but also I AM BACK💃
Week three has been AMAzING! After a quiet weekend last weekend I felt better Monday morning but with no expectation of what the week may hold and how I would feel in class. So I’ll break it down for you:
1)my practice – it returned to me and I remembered how strong I am. This week I am beginning to see the effects the 11 classes per week are having on my body- more muscles which is always a good thing and I’m going deeper into every posture. I had a first! I am now able to bring my hands into prayer in Tree Pose after 6.5 years of practice!!!!!🙏🌲whoop!!!!
The line rotation in class has meant that I haven’t been able to see myself in the mirror this week but that has meant that I’m really feeling my way into the postures- I feel like my strength is impacting on my flexibility and am excited to see what my postures look like when I get back to the front 🙏
2) anatomy with Dr P- this has been great fun and really interesting although I’m not looking forward to our test tomorrow! I made note of only the things I found really interesting like why the 3rd part of Awkward is so hard- it’s because we are using only the soleus muscle of the calf rather than the gastrocnemius also. And also “babies have no face”?!? They develop the face bones after birth! Who knew!
3) Posture clinic!!!!!! Omgggggg I have been loving posture clinic and am now even more grateful for fed and Laura and all my teachers at BYC for pushing me to learn and practice the Dialogue as much as possible before TT. I’ve had some amazing feedback from the staff here which is just the best feeling for me EVER- hearing that people I have only just met can see what this means to me and think that I’m going to be a great teacher is unbelievable. I have learnt so much from the staff and my fellow Group 14 team mates- we have also been practicing teaching the postures to each other a lot which has been a lot of fun. So far I have taught back bend with hands to feet, awkward and eagle and I’m so excited for next week!!!
4) Santa Monica beach- yesterday I went to the beach with some yogi friends including my lovely Gemma and we had a lovely little time, even swimming in the sea and screaming like little kids- it was so very much needed getting away from the hotel for the whole day and we ended the day with a sandwich and fries in the hotel bar 🍟🍔
5) my little sisters 30th birthday was today and I missed it but I got to FaceTime Sarah and Ross and mum and all Sarah’s friends which was as amazing 😊😊😊
So, all in all this week has been the best yet💃I’m making some firm friends and really finding my feet and beginning to feel my way into teaching…. I’ve got such a long way to go but it’s a brilliant feeling to know that I’m on the right path, as the lovely Stephanie said to me in Friday posture clinic “trust your instincts as you are doing great”.
3 weeks done. 6 to go. 💙💜💛❤️


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