“You smell like 100 donkeys farted in your face!” (Bikram Choudhury.2014)

Week 1 DONE! And what a week it has been. So much to learn, so much to take in and already so so soooo many Bikram-isms. Including the one above….
In the first couple of days lots of people, including myself, we’re having break downs in class, feeling week , emotional, lots of puking, pees and poos! Which compelled the staff and Bikram to give us serious talks about hydration”drink much more than you want to” (I’m averaging 7 litres per day of water) and “eat more than you want”. Bikram in particular hammered this point home:
“No hippy food! You smell like 100 donkeys farted on your face! Eat meat! Steak!” And so- I have. I have eaten SO much of EVERYTHING!!! And it has definitely helped- this is Bikram Yoga Teacher Training!!! We are doing 2 classes per day in the 14,000 sq foot hot room and a lot of the evening classes with Bikram last week were 2 hours- so that’s an average of 3.5 hours of practice every day, not to mention all the mental energy we need. Here is a snap shot of a day in my life last week:
7am – wake up and oil pull, then get coffee (this habit has now ended as of Friday- too dehydrating)
8am – sign in for class
8.30-10am- class with the amazing Rajashree (3 litres drunk)
10.30-12.30- shower, massive buffet brunch of eggs, bacon, salad, donuts
12.30- sign in for lecture
1-4ish- lecture which this week has mainly been half moon (I delivered mine on Thursday and I was so so happy- I was totally in it. Teaching the posture! Bikram said “stop! I give you 100%. Amazing! If there is a correction I cannot think of it!”😁)
4.30- sign in for class
5-7ish- class with the main man
7-9- shower and dinner and dialogue
9.30- midnight/ 1.30 am lectures or a Bollywood film
Then die in bed
Despite this schedule I’m feeling good and strong. I’m trusting the process with an open heart and I’m meeting some lovely people. But mainly I am Dialogue dialogue dialogue. This training is serious business for me and I need to learn as much as I can so that when I get back to London I will be as confident as possible- this is a dream coming true for me and I am doing it! Namaste to that 🙏💙💜💛


One thought on ““You smell like 100 donkeys farted in your face!” (Bikram Choudhury.2014)

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