“Common sense is the sense that is not common”

So here I am, first full day in LA and my main feelings are:
50% omg I am SO jet-lagged and feeling like shit from my cold (first one in I don’t know how long which is Sod’s law)
50% pure excitement and disbelief that I am here and about to start training to become a teacher- a BIKRAM yoga teacher.

And that is exactly the teacher I want to be. I think somewhere in my mind I had been wondering if Bikram Yoga could really be the same as at home, but it so far is. That sense of “everyone together” , “be kind to yourself but try your best” – is a lot of what I love about it and it rang true in the class I took this morning at head quarters (I know!) and has come through from lots of the teachers I have spoken to and listened to today.
I love Bikram yoga- it has 100% changed my life and me for the better and I can’t wait to eventually help other people along on their yoga journey. after my last class at Byc a regular student wished me well and said “please go easy on me when you get back”. My response wasn’t “ok sure!” as you might think, it was actually “not a chance”. I know I know- I do look cute but when it comes to yoga there really is no surrender with me- I want to help my students keep the “no” away from their head and realise they CAN do anything, just as we were told we must do earlier for the next 9 weeks.
And so errrrr yeah- ill just remember this positive “I can do anything” moment when I’m on my knees saying I am dying and begging the closest sane person for water!😉 and just remember to “trust the process”……..
I will do it 🙏


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