The final count down

So it’s now 6 days until I fly to LA to start training to become a Bikram yoga teacher at Bikrams college of India- or, at the Radisson LAX. Teacher training has been a long time in the making for me and there are so many people that have come together to make this happen for me. Who are these people you ask??
1) my fiancé Ross. Without his support and love I would definitely not be going, but now is the right time and it’s really now or never. I would definitely not want to leave a husband to go- fiancé though…. Well that is just about ok. Also should shout out to K&G who will be looking after him for me when I’m gone 😊
2) mum and dad for believing in me enough to lend me the funds for my trip. And my mum and sister for being there for me over the last few very stressful months- they are amazing and I could not be without them
3) my boss Ian for allowing me to take a sabbatical from the day job- hero
4) and finally,of huge importance to me and my life, everyone at BYC: Helen, K-Fed, Laura, Darielle, Andy, FCL, BB, Rachel, Vera, Amy, Leigh, Carolina, Liz and Lorraine have all played a huge part in nurturing my love for bikram and getting me ready for the 9 weeks ahead. I am going to miss them so much!!! Who will I laugh with at all the nuts things that will no doubt happen and all the nuts PEOPLE that will happen?!?!?!?

So, although I know I am going with the support and blessing of my special people I am still very nervous! Lots of advice has been given:
Fed “stay out of the triangle of doom”
Rach “slow and steady wins the race”
Darielle “buy a laundry rack!!”
Leanne “don’t worry too much about the dialogue”- what?!?!? DONT WORRY about the dialogue? Leanne said this to me with a beautiful smile on her face one day and I thought to myself “Leanne you are fucking nuts”(even though I know what she meant😁) because for the last 6 months I have been reading and reciting the dialogue as much as I can. The dialogue is the set of words, written by Bikram (in very questionable English) to be learnt off by heart by all teachers (apart from Helen who says just the most amazing lunatic-esque things in class and Andy who’s classes are a huge giggle fest). There are specific words for every single posture,even the breathing! OMG- it is so hard to learn. But with Feds technique and also Fed and Laura’s voices ringing in my ears as I revise each one I have managed to get some of them nailed and even “teach” the first 4 postures in classes at BYC- which was awesome 😊😊

So this final week is all about packing (don’t worry I have ordered some essentials to be delivered to my room for when I arrive- including a galon of apple cider vinegar and a lemon), reading the Dialogue and saying goodbye.

LA- I’m coming, with my unicorn on my shoulder and sense of humour firmly in place 💜


4 thoughts on “The final count down

  1. I’m really proud of you.

    And if, by any chance, you find my locker token, while you’re there, give us a shout. Xxxxxxxx


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