My three day Juice Cleanse from the Juice Tonic

I have always wanted to try a Juice Cleanse- my interest in nutrition and foods to eat and things to do to feel good has increased dramatically over the last 2 years. Due to many many factors. I am just SO intrigued by it, and I soak up nutritional knowledge like there is no tomorrow. I think this might be why my general knowledge is so lacking- my Brain is full of this stuff instead! So, Monday 5th Jan I embarked on Day1. Juice Tonic in soho delivered my 7 juices per day to my office- all numbered in the order I should drink them. I had opted for Number 3- the second most intense cleanse with only a small amount of sugar from apple and carrot💚
1) supreme cleanse: lemon, cayenne, fulvic acid with minerals, H20
2) clean green: cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, ginger, lemon
3) dark detox: activated charcoal, lemon, h20
4) DNA fix: green apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, kale, parsley, chlorella
5) refresher: celery, spinach, kale, coconut water, cucumber, lemon
6) beautifier: carrot, celery, spinach, parsley
7) green detox/ spinach, kale, cucumber, parsley, coriander, apple, lemon, ginger, dandelion.
You drink one every two hours with as much water in between! below is my diary for the 3 days.

Day 1
Had my first juice at 10am and Felt really hungry around 12 and ended up having my last juice at 10pm which is too late I think so tomorrow I will start at 9am. Teaching at 8.15pm tonight and practiced before, I drank a coconut water after my practice pre teaching as during Feds class I felt very light headed and went extremely white!
I felt like I taught a great class 😊 I felt so so happy on the podium and got some great feedback. Loads of people were struggling but none of them gave up which is just SO inspiring.

Day 2
Feel very empty which is a nice feeling and did “go to the toilet” although not sure if that is due to the psyllium husk I took. Gonna take that today too. Drank about 6 litres of water and 3 herbal teas.
All of the juices were delicious!
Already feel good- skin looks a bit glowy and I don’t feel weak at all. Not practicing today but going to hit the gym at lunch for first time since October as I am teaching my first spin class of 2015 on Friday😁
On the way home from work I feel tired but think that’s just lack of Xmas sleep catching up. Generally I feel pretty good but had a really bad stomach cramp this morning on way to tube, maybe due to no food?! See if the same happens tomo. And my stomach hurts. Because it’s not used to this lack of food! I read that a 3 day fast is all your body needs to reset and start producing white blood cells again so know I am doing something beneficial. I have had a lot of quite thick saliva in my mouth- need to looks up what that means. Tonight I think Will be the hardest as I’ll be at home all evening but then tomorrow is the last day so I know I can do it. Haven’t drunk as much water today- about 3 litres so far and it’s 5.30pm
Realised another reason I can stick to this is because the rules are very rigid. And they are not my own!! Therefore I can’t start bending them.
Had another 1 litre and my final 2 juices. Was actually fine chilling at home as we are just so happy Gloria is home. Hot water bottle was essential though. Ross had scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and a bagel for tea and it smelt delicious. I would not continue this past 3 days as that is all I need, and I love my food so much! I also miss my nutribullets so have made 2 in prep for Thursday as I know I won’t have time weds night since I am teaching.

Day 3- final day!
Had cramp in stomach on way to tube. Did a small poop ☺️
Today has been really hard- I actually feel almost like I am floating! I’m so glad I can eat solid food tomorrow but also really glad I am doing this cleanse. The sugar bloat post Xmas is gone and the whites of my eyes are super bright and my skin is glowing. I think this is someting I will aim to do again later in the year as I feel is definitely worth it. Wonder how I will fair practising then teaching tonight!
Felt amazing teaching and actually fine practising – very flexible and focused for most of class. I think that may have been because I knew the end was so near in sight?!

Lost 4.5 pounds but that will all be water and I won’t keep it off
Felt very focused
Whites of my eyes super bright
Hair feels softer
Skin looked clear
Had comments from my yoga teacher fri morning about my eyes too and my stomach is so flat.
I also have broken my chocolate eating cycle! Wooooooo!
In fact my entire body even my toes and fingers feel very small like all inflammation has left my body. I also felt extremely flexible in yoga
The cost of this Juice Cleanse was £129 – all ingredients are organic and juices all cold pressed. I can highly recommend Juice Tonic and have already been back I there! 💚💚💚



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