Gloria, three and a half years of love

Growing up, we were dog people. As a family we had 2 golden retrievers – first Abby and then Poppy. I loved both of them so so much, and have aways been a huge animal lover, wanting to protect animals wherever I go. One of my best friends Carly works for Battersea Cats and Dogs home and i am full of admiration for the job that she and so many people like her do.

Ross, however, was always a cat person, and so was desperate to get A cat. Just one. I was not keen AT ALL, but he was so obviously i went along with it. and in september 2011 we went to a guys house in Clapham who had a litter of cats from his cat Tiny. I’m not sure how we ended up getting two cats, but so many people had said we should as they are good company and once you have one the cost does not increase hugely for two. I fell for Gloria immediately. I was a bit nervous around them as they were so quick!!but all she wanted to do was play with me on the sofa, laying on her back. i said to Ross “we have to have her!!” and then we spotted shy fluffy Kenny, her brother, hiding from us under the TV on top of the playstation, and we agreed we had to have him too! so off we went, with our two new additions in their carry case, and the discussion turned to names.

I actually came up with both!! Gloria, from one of our fave films ‘White men can’t jump’ and Kenny – as in Kenny Dalglish, who was manager of Liverpool at the time, they suited their names instantly.

over the course of the next few weeks we both fell completely in love with K&G. I was besotted. I remember actually crying one day tears of happiness as Gloria fell asleep purring on my chest and Ross explained that noise meant she was so happy. we spent every evening on the sofas – usually Gloria with me and Kenny with Ross. we loved both of them with every fibre of our beings and they fell in love with us too! every day when we would get home they would be so happy to see us, and they both developed very unique and distinctive characters.

Kenny – the shy fluffy boy. very quiet and always wanting to lay on straight, outstretched legs sometimes would go out all night with his BFF Lesley from 2 doors down

Gloria – the very vocal demanding little girl who would scream at us if we had any type of food she wanted until we gave in and then her and Kenny would enjoy prawns to their heart’s content. who thought she was a dog as LOVED fetching, loves fetching, and is so so chatty. sometimes we would have full-blown conversations with her!


I loved my role as “mum”. i always know instinctively what they need – like the day they were shut in the front room with no litter tray and Kenny was madly scratching at the white playstation box- i said to Ross “Kenny needs the toilet” – “no he doesn’t” “yes he does!!” i said as I opened the door to watch Kenny sprint down the hall, dive head first into his litter tray and shit everywhere! “I told you!”.

and the time Gloria hurt herself. it was awful – I could tell instantly something was wrong as she was in the garden but hiding under a bush and then slowly came out to jump up tentatively onto my lap, her eyes looked strangely glazed and she was very quiet. i couldn’t see anything on her but later that night i kept saying to Ross “something is wrong with Gloria” and then she tried to jump off my back and started moaning the most awful sound and couldnt walk. her legs were getting all locked out, it was so horrible, we had no idea what was wrong – but we both said that we would do anything to look after her. it turned out that she had somehow injured her knees and had to had them bot operated on and was then confined to a cage for two weeks. but cats are so resilient , she bounced back and has been fine ever since. I always loved sitting outside on a summers day and seeing Gloria in her favourite spot, asleep under the budhlia, Kenny, sleeping under a garden chair and Lesley playing with one of our feet or something stupid. a few months ago Lesley owner moved and Ross and I missed him so much – it was so weird him not being around.

On 20th December I got up really early to use the loo, saw Glor at the end of the hallway and thought “it’s too early for her breakfast”, went back to bed and that was the last time i saw her. today it is 2nd Jan and i feel like my heart is broken. i don’t think i have ever cried as many tears as  have this last 2.5 months. after I lost my dad i was beginning to feel like a normal person again and now Gloria has gone and I feel broken again. it’s so hard for people who don’t have pets to understand, but she was a part of our family and the flat is now so quiet without her. Kenny is lost – he keeps going outside and making quiet mewing sounds. and i just feel so sad. i cant describe how much. Ross and I have done everything we can to find her – and have been helped by so many friends and members of the community. i have lost track of the numbers of texts, calls and forum posts i have received from complete strangers who all want to help, which is just so heartwarming. People DO care 🙂

The worst things I think are the really vivid dreams we both have that she has come home, waking up and thinking “I bet she comes back today” and then, nothing. Losing Gloria is just like losing a member of my family – she is my little girl and I love her so much. We wont give up hope, I know deep down she is not lost yet.


For anyone that has lost a beloved pet, think of all the love you gave them when they were on this earth and how you made something feel loved and safe. Having a pet is a big responsibility, something some people unfortunately do not take seriously. But, I do take my role as carer and protector very seriously.I dont think I will be able to give up until little Glor Glor pops her head through the cat flap. and on that day, she will eat prawns to her heart’s content, play fetch and then curl up on one our laps for the biggest fuss of her life 🙂 I hope that day comes soon. Glor Glor – wherever you are,I hope you know how much we love you.


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