Face Föda Is Now OPEN for Christmas

In just 8 weeks Christmas Day will be upon us. I’m very excited indeed as this will be Rexy Roos very first Christmas!!! This time last year Face Föda had only really just begun and I was beavering away, blending and wrapping my first gift boxes.

A year later and my fledgling little brand is still just that really….tiny, but coming from my heart and with some super success stories already. This year I am updating the gift boxes I have available and am excited to be able to offer the following;

1) Face Föda Starter Pack: at a reduced price of £40 plus p+p (usually £50) for 4 products. Cleanser, Toner, Facial oil plus a choice of Exfoliator, Buddha Balm or Prana Moisturiser for the following skin types; normal/ sensitive/ acne/ mature/ dry.

2) Mummy & Baby Gift Box: something close to my heart! This box contains a Buddha Balm (suitable for breastfeeding nipples & nappy rash bottoms), & a baby massage oil for £25 plus p+p.

3) Face Föda Gift Vouchers 

4) If you would like an alternative selection of products than you see above gift wrapped please let me know as I am happy to make bespoke boxes. 

I always try to add someting a little extra too, to show my appreciation for your support. ☺️

As always, all ingredients are organic and plant based and  all products will be hand wrapped in Eco recycled packaging and sent on their way with a lot of love and happiness to their recipient.

If you would like to place an order or find out more please email me imperfectlypure@gmail.com

With warm wishes

Katie xxx

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