Happy 12th Birthday BYC 🙏

Today is my beloved Bikram Yoga Chiswicks 12th birthday so I wanted to dedicate a special blog to my yoga home and all my amazing friends I have there 😊

From the first time I stepped foot in BYC 5 years ago, I have felt like I’ve arrived “home”. Since then, my love for yoga has grown an unstoppable amount. So much so that in April this year I finally made it to Teacher Training and became a bikram yoga teacher. When I am on my way to BYC, at BYC or leaving BYC I am smiling and happy. I feel completely at ease and like I can be completely myself there, among all my amazing friends!!!! These are the people that understand so much about me. My love for turmeric! Coconut oil pulling! These are the people who get as excited as me looking through a bowl of Pukka Herbal Teas (Kat&BB last night- Friday nights are WILD) for new teas- Apple and Cinnamon YES PLEASE. We talk about food and laugh so much at So many stupid things. Including FCLs love for the word munchkin, Feds obsession with Belly, Amy’s dear and strong desire to talk about knees, and so many other things.
Where would I be if the wonderful Helen had not founded BYC 12 years ago? I have no idea. But I will be eternally grateful to Helen for bringing Bikram Yoga to Chiswick and creating the beautiful, caring, nurturing and fun place it is today.
I have had many firsts at BYC- my first time up a step ladder changing a light bulb, my first Nutribullet, first time
Clearing up someone else’s sick, first time behind a reception desk and first time on a podium teaching yoga! Every day at the studio is different but you know that someone will always have marmite cashews, be eating a Raw Bon Bon or laughing at something wierd Fed has said.
Today I practiced my first ever class to music taught by fellow beavers Andy and Rachel, and I then taught a medical focused class dressed as a nurse with Laura as a doctor and I’m heading back there soon to practice again with Helen and then to celebrate Christmas with all the BYC-ers. The perfect day!
So I’ll end this with a huge Thank You. To Helen, Kat, Fed, FCL, BB, Rach, Amy, Andy, Leigh, Laura, Darielle, Lorraine, Lia, Sam, Carolina, Liz, Lizzie, for being wonderful friends and enabling me to be myself, and love the yoga, teach, live and breathe it. You are all Super Hero Yogicorns 🙏💜💛💙❤️

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